What is School ADvance?

The School ADvance Administrator Evaluation System is an adaptable system of rubrics, descriptors, processes and protocols to guide districts in the key work of evaluating and developing the performance of all school administrators—including the superintendent. 

Developed through a partnership between MASA, Michigan ASCD, and K12 Evaluation Solutions, School ADvance establishes research-supported domains of principal and district administrator evaluation and developmental rubrics mapped to each domain.

The School Advance System includes three essential components:

  • School ADvance Administrator Evaluation Tools to help districts not only comply with State requirements to annually evaluate principals, district administrators and superintendents, but also use the results to stimulate learning, growth, and adaptation.
  • School ADvance Training and Support to help districts implement the School ADvance Administrator Evaluation System and provide ongoing assistance through an Implementation Network that emphasizes developing district capacity. 
  • GrowthPLUS Systems Design and Development to help all district leaders create an integrated evaluation system focused on learning, growth, and adaptation. Growth PLUS is appropriate for schools using any State-approved system(s) for teacher and administrator evaluation 

School ADVance Evaluation Tools include:

  • A framework of Administrator Evaluation Domains, Factors, and Characteristics associated with improving student achievement, aligned to national and State standards, and aligned with Michigan Educator Evaluation statutory requirements
  • Developmental rubrics, to guide the assessment of school- and district-level administrator performance
  • Scoring and interpretation tools to assist districts in:
      • assessing overall developmental status of its administrators
      • assessing administrator performance status on district identified critical performance areas (performance “power standards”)
      • assessing administrator growth and development over time
  • Set of four frameworks within which to examine administrator performance related to improved student outcomes

In addition, the School ADvance System offers:

  • Initial Training workshops for principals, district administrators, superintendents and boards of education
  • Ongoing Support through the School ADvance Implementation Network and GrowthPLUS Educator Evaluation System Design and Support Network

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