Research and Development

The six guiding principles for designing performance evaluation and feedback systems that support learning, growth, and adaptation were developed by Dr. Patricia Reeves and Dr. George Aramath, based on a two year meta-analysis of the literature on performance assessment and feedback.

The administrator evaluation rubrics were developed by Dr. Reeves and Ms. Patricia McNeill based on a one-year meta review of extant administrator evaluation instruments and research bases.

The work for the six guiding principals and the administrator evaluation rubrics were significantly informed by the work of the Wallace Foundation, including two Michigan based Wallace Foundation grant projects focused on school level leadership development. Dr. Reeves served on the grant faculty teams for both of these projects with the late Dr. Van Cooley and Dr. Jianping Shen of Western Michigan University.

Dr. Reeves and Ms. McNeill are also experienced school administrators who each served for over two decades as school administrators in Michigan.